Cinema Services

AlltechAVS provides project management, installation, salutation, maintenance and upgrade services of the highest quality.

Theatre Equipment Installation Services

AlltechAVS installation techs are highly experienced in the installation of theatre equipment. Our highly capable service team will complete your theatre equipment installation project with the least amount of downtime possible. We install the following items:

  • Screens
  • Silver screens
  • Digital projection & sound systems
  • Front ends & drapes
  • Aisle lighting
  • Seats
  • Digital signage
  • Lobby entertainment systems
  • Concession stands
  • Ticketing systems
  • Hearing impaired equipment
  • Point of sale
  • and more...

Project Management Services

We provide the planning, organization, and management of resources required for the successful completion of any project you need done at your theatre. Our seasoned staff of managers and technicians eliminate the risk of not meeting important deadlines for openings and other time sensitive events at your theatre. Our professional project management services save theatre owners millions every year.

Consultation Services

With over 150 years of combined experience in the theatre industry, we can advise you on the best possible way to proceed on any project you may have planned for your theatre. From digital conversion to a concession stand renovation, ALLTECHAVS is here to service your needs.

Preventive Maintenance Services

Let us find your problems before they find you. ALLTECHAVS offers scheduled preventive maintenance by factory trained technicians.

  • Software & firmware updates for digital projection & sound systems
  • Sound system align & adjusted to S.M.P.T.E specs
  • Lamp house check & align for even brightness
  • Projector & Film Transport Systems check & adjusted to specs
  • Replace any parts on hand at time of service
  • Service performed by certified technicians

Theatre Equipment Upgrade Services

When new technology arises there are often ways to upgrade your existing equipment. Research and developement of new cinema technology is our specialty. Our service team will alert you of the new technology that comes to market and can handle the logistics of getting you the right parts and service technicians to perform upgrades to your theatre equipment.

Alternate content

Digital cinema has transformed the theatre business in many ways. One of the most significant factors is the ability for any theatre to offer alternate content. Sporting events, Concerts, Advertising, etc.. are now available for exhibition in any theatre and ALLTECHAVS is your source for taking advantage of this significant new revenue stream. We understand the factors of this growing phenomenon and can help you design and implement an alternate content strategy that works for you.


To get the most out of new cinema equipment, the theatre staff must be able to use and maintain the equipment properly. ALLTECHAVS provides expert technicians to train your staff to obtain the best possible presentation in the theatre and to avoid the sometimes expensive misuse of equipment. Our goal is to make sure you are getting the most out of your investment in new and existing equipment.